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B-Safe Large. For impressive volumes of cash.

Fully integrated smart equipment, equipped with ultra-fast bill counters and validators, specially designed for businesses that handle large volumes of cash.

Maximize the safety of handling large volumes of cash

Welcome to the world of efficient management of large cash volumes! Specially designed to make your work easier, B-Safe Large turns cash management into a simple and efficient process. The cash paid by your customers is counted and checked for authenticity, then automatically transferred to the company's account, without any hassle.

And when the equipment is about to reach maximum capacity, there's no need to worry. Since it is continuously monitored by our smart platforms, a Brink's secure transport with authorized personnel will automatically be scheduled to collect and send the deposited money to the nearest processing center.

With B-Safe Large, you enjoy ease, safety, and comfort, no matter how impressive the cash volumes you need to manage might be.

B-Safe Large

The best fully integrated smart solution for large cash volumes. Simple, fast, and secure validation.

B-Safe Large is ideal for businesses that want to manage their cash more efficiently and have a 24/7/365 and almost real-time visibility of cash flows from all stores or locations. The smart safe keeps track of money deposited by employees and verifies the authenticity of banknotes to prevent fraud.

  • Smart safe for counting, verifying, and storing banknotes
  • Capacity of up to 10.000 banknotes
  • Automatic verification of banknotes against counterfeits
  • Easy to use
  • Funds available rapidly in the bank account
  • Insurance included
Available on a monthly subscription

The fastest equipment for counting, verifying, and depositing banknotes

Depositing money in a B-Safe Large is as convenient and easy as using a simple bill counter. All deposits are automatically counted, and each banknote is checked for authenticity.

  • Security

    Every cash deposit made by each member of your team is recorded. All deposits made in B-Safe Large are counted and each banknote is checked.

  • Automation

    No need to worry about trips to the bank or planning a secure transport. Brink's automatically collects, safely transports, and processes cash deposits.

  • Efficiency

    With the help of B-Safe Large, you eliminate the need for counting and verifying banknotes or planning secure transports. You can focus on what is essential for your business.

  • Cash optimization

    Money deposited in B-Safe Large can be available the next day in the company's account, even if it has not yet been collected by Brink's authorized personnel and processed in our centers.

  • Complete transparency

    B-Safe Large means not just a safer and more efficient way of working with cash, but also a more transparent one. You have complete visibility of your cash, almost in real-time.

  • Cash remittance

    Directly from the Brink's client portal, you can make orders at any time for changing money into any circulating banknotes or coins.

Our consultants will happily assist you

Get in touch today to order your cash transport or discuss any other cash management needs. We are more than happy to explore which solution fits your business best.

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