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B-Safe Recycler. Put collected cash back into circulation.

If money doesn't move, it quickly loses its value. Recycler solutions keep cash flows in constant circulation, so the money can be used as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Always keep money in circulation

Recycler solutions are available for both front-office and back-office and integrate complete Brink’s services, from equipment, software platforms, technical maintenance, cash insurance, collection and value processing, to dedicated real-time reporting.

Such solutions automate cash management by processing both the receipt and distribution of cash. The machines count banknotes and coins, check their authenticity, identify and record cash amounts, then safely deposit them and keep precise track of the available quantities of each. The deposited banknotes and coins are sorted and stored in separate cassettes and are prepared for subsequent use.

A recycler solution offers large cash recirculation capacities, with up to 8 available cassettes, as well as high-speed processing of cash deposits and withdrawals.

B-Safe Recycler

Secure cash deposits and withdrawals. Simple and fast validation of amounts, large capacities and speeds for cash recirculation.

The cash recycling system consists of a banknote and coin recirculator, offering enhanced security and reducing the time for managing cash at merchants' points of sale during operations such as opening the cash register, shift changes, and end-of-day closure.

  • Smart safe for cash deposit and dispensing
  • Capacity of up to 15.000 banknotes
  • Automatic verification of banknotes against counterfeits
  • Easy to use
  • Funds available rapidly in the bank account
  • Insurance included
Available on a monthly subscription

The smartest equipments for large cash volumes

Large cash recirculation capacities, with high-speed processing of cash deposits and withdrawals. Recycler solutions are available for both front-office and back-office.

  • Security

    Every cash deposit made is counted and checked for authenticity. The money is sorted, stored, and prepared for subsequent reuse.

  • Automation

    No need to worry about planning secure transports. Brink's automatically collects, safely transports, and processes cash deposits.

  • Efficiency

    With B-Safe Recycler, you streamline the costs related to cash management. A single machine allows you both to deposit and to dispense cash.

  • Easy reconciliation

    The amounts of money transacted through B-Safe Recycler can be easily reconciled using Brink's software platforms, and balances can be quickly available in the company's account.

  • Complete transparency

    B-Safe Recycler means not just a safer and more efficient way of working with cash, but also a more transparent one. You have complete visibility of your cash, almost in real-time.

  • Cash remittance

    Directly from the Brink’s client portal, you can place orders at any time for changing money into any circulating banknotes or coins.

Our consultants will happily assist you

Get in touch today to order your cash transport or discuss any other cash management needs. We are more than happy to explore which solution fits your business best.

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