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Smart and secure solutions for small and large businesses

With a digital solution from Brink's, managing cash becomes simpler, easier, safer, and more cost-effective for your business.

Enjoy peace of mind and ease with your cash handling

With digital solutions from Brink’s, you can make cash deposits into a secure, state-of-the-art safe installed right at your premises. Seamlessly log deposits through our customer portal, and see the funds reflected in your account on the next business day, even before Brink’s authorized personnel have collected the cash.

Plus, there's no need to worry about reaching the device's capacity and being unable to deposit more. Cash collection is efficiently managed either through a pre-set schedule or automatically triggered by smart alerts from Brink’s equipment.

Brink's digital solutions for small and medium cash volumes

Dreaming of a day without bank runs? Want to provide your employees with more safety and comfort? Get in touch with our consultants today and discover how cash management can become surprisingly simple and efficient.

RetailBox: for occasional cash deposits

RetailBox has gained the trust of small yet significant businesses by offering simple and secure cash management. It is the ideal solution for companies seeking to streamline their money handling processes, flexibility in making cash deposits, and the elimination of frequent bank runs.

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B-Box: for frequent and traceable cash deposits

B-Box represents a solution that integrates the recognition of cash deposits directly by the intelligent equipment. Up to 40 RFID-equipped cash bags can be deposited and recorded, ensuring a secure record of cash flow for companies that need to make frequent deposits.

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B-Safe Small: for cash deposits in banknotes or bags

B-Safe Small is a safe and smart solution that combines the ability to deposit cash note by note, as well as in secured RFID bags. The validity of each deposited banknote is individually checked, and in the case of the secured bags, the deposit is confirmed directly by the smart safe.

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The main benefits we identified were cost savings, convenience, and time efficiency, due to technology and optimizations related to the cash collection process.

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Get in touch today to order your cash transport or discuss any other cash management needs. We are more than happy to explore which solution fits your business best.

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