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B-Box. Equipped with deposit recognition intelligence.

A device that integrates the recognition of cash deposit transactions, very suitable for managing frequent deposits made by multiple team members.

Experience comfort and security

B-Box is a smart safe equipped with an optical reader and RFID sensors, that can be easily and quickly installed in your stores or premises. Cash deposits are initiated on the Brink's client platform, and their completion is directly recorded by B-Box.

B-Box offers the great advantage of traceability, as the device integrates the recognition of cash deposit transactions made in secured RFID sealbags. With a capacity of up to 40 such bags, the recording of cash deposits is greatly simplified, and frequent deposits are always recorded, even when they are handled by multiple members of your team.

Moreover, B-Box's capacity is continuously monitored, and our intelligent platforms will schedule a cash-in-transit service with Brink’s authorized personnel and state-of-the-art armored vehicles as soon as they detect the need for it.


A smart safe equipped with an optical reader and RFID sensors for recording, recognizing, and tracing each cash deposit.

Compact and installed in a few minutes in your store or premises, BBox allows for frequent cash deposits, whenever needed throughout the day, even by multiple team members. Each such deposit is recorded, and its execution is individually confirmed by the intelligent device itself. It is enough to register the deposit in advance on the Brink's client portal, by each user with individual access rights. Online or in the mobile app.

  • Smart safe with recognition of secure RFID sealbags
  • Recommended for medium cash transactions
  • A reliable alternative to trips to the bank
  • Easy to use
  • Funds quickly available in bank account
  • Insurance included
Available on a monthly subscription

The best intelligent equipment for frequent cash deposits

B-Box represents a solution that integrates the recognition of cash deposit transactions directly by the smart equipment. Up to 40 cash sealbags equipped with RFID can be deposited and recorded, ensuring a secure record of the cash flow for companies that need to make frequent deposits.

  • Traceability

    Receive confirmation of each cash deposit made by every member of your team. B-Box recognizes when the money from a secured RFID bag has been deposited.

  • Security

    Reduced risks of internal and external theft. Only Brink’s authorized personnel can open a B-Box, thus ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

  • Cash optimization

    Money deposited in B-Box can be available in the company account the next day, even if it has not yet been picked up by Brink’s authorized personnel and processed in our centers.

  • Time saving

    B-Box means not just a simpler way of handling cash, but also a time saver. Frequent bank visits for cash deposits will be a thing of the past.

  • Automation

    No need to worry about trips to the bank or planning a cash-in-transit service. Brink's automatically collects, safely transports, and processes cash deposits.

  • Cash remittance

    Directly from the Brink’s client portal, you can place orders at any time for changing money into any circulating banknotes or coins.

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